Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amatenango, Sumidero, Catorras

On Monday, we visited a village in the highlands, Amatenango del Valle, where women make pottery. We met a lady and visited her house. She made a paloma (dove) while we observed in about twenty minutes. She would bake it and let it dry later. I tried to photograph a hummingbird right in front of us at the fuschia flowers, but it was way too fast! I purchased a jaguar (my Mayan birthday symbol).

The Sumidero Canyon in Chiapa de Corzo is breathtaking! We took a boatride down the Gijalva River to view the spectacular creations of nature---many butterflies, waterfalls flowing out of the sides of mountains and crocodiles! We cruised over to get a better view of some sunning crocodiles and spider monkeys playing in the trees! Our boat got stuck in the mud there and we had to shift some people to another boat until the boat could move out! :-) A disturbing sight was an area of the river with a tremendous amount of debris, trash, garbage. This happens when there are many rains! God has blessed us with so many wonderful resources to take care of!

Last stop before spending the night in Tuxtla (capital city), was a long, long trip down a dirt road to the Sima de las Catorras (Parrot abyss). We were to see thousands of birds there in the late afternoon, but alas, again we were out of look with birds! I saw about 6 bright green parrots altogether, but the scenery, a deep canyon with trees inside, and the hike around the perimeter was good exercise!
Today, we leave for Oaxaca!

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