Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celestun, Campeche

We walked the streets of Merida and viewed the sights--street vendors, shops, street cafes and music and a street festival on Saturday night. A Michael Jackson was dancing in the plaza. We had more ice cream! I have tried guanabana, mamey and zapote, all delicious sorbets that I had not tasted before. But we had to leave the capital city of Yucatan!
Ah, again, Celestun was the wonderful, tranquil beach--crystal clear, green water! The boatride was thrilling with the wind at our faces, but on the way back the water was so choppy, we got soaked. I collected some lovely shells from the shores and waded in the water. At Sotuta de Peon, we saw the making of rope from sisal (the hennequen plant). We visited the fields of plants on a mule driven wagon( I felt like I was back in the tobacco fields.) The saving grace from the hot weather was the sink hole (cenote) out there in the ground. I didn't have my bathing suit, but I put my feet in the cool, crystal water underground, a few bats overhead.
Last night we arrived in Campeche, another coastal city. The view is spectacular. We visited San Miguel a fort now museum and learned more history of the Maya. The view from the top was so beautiful, crystal water as far as the eye can see. The sunsets.....
I tried octupus last night (a tiny piece), then had it in my seafood soup for lunch. I am really trying everything! It was okay. Ednza, a majestic Maya site. I managed to climb to the second level. The mosquitos were fierce! Photos to follow....have to upload. Ciao!

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