Saturday, July 3, 2010

CECYTE, Cenotes, etc.

Wow, it does not seem that a week has gone by already. After Cancun, we visited a CECYTE technical school in downtown Cancun (real people do live there). The high school students study for careers in tourism, electronics, food & beverage, or maintenance. They may go to college after that. The students performed traditional dances for us, sang contemporary in English and Spanish, and did some modern dance as well. They prepared a meal for us--salbutes (like little tacos, my favorite), tamales with pumpkin, chaya leaves, etc. The flan for dessert was good. We drink rice milk drink and one with hibiscus flowers. Wonderful! The English teacher there has been a Fulbright Scholar to Houston. The school is doing an excellent job to prepare students for the future.
Valladolid is a small town, the hotel was very historic and nice. The dining area surrounded a fountain. The historic church there was used as a fortress it seems as well back in the day (1500s). I said the friars were priests but they would fight if necessary!
Cenote Zaci is a magnificent natural sinkhole in the town. It reminded me of the Blue Hole in Belize.
We are now here in Merida! Merida is a busy city! We found a favorite ice cream spot near this hotel, the Conquistador. Guanabana is a great flavor! We walked downtown to the Universidad de Yucatan to see another Ballet Folklorico performance. These students were more advanced. It was an excellent performance with the mariachi band.
Breakfast is calling!! Ciao!

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