Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Late Sunday, we arrived in Veracruz, the port city of Mexico. We visited another middle school, Escuela Tecnica # 130. It was a pleasure to talk with educators and students about family, school and fun!
Veracruz is a busy place as well, with lots of people walking in the plaza and along the waterfront. Our hotel was beside the naval hospital and residences. We walked along the wharf and visited the Gran Cafe de Parroquia, known for its coffee. Believe it or not, I did not have any because I was full from the huge seafood lunch I had at Villa Rica. After the red snapper, shrimp soup, tastes of lobster and more shrimp, then ice cream, I could not eat another thing, even that night. I managed to wade in the water at the beach at Boca del Rio, it´s a hot tourist spot.
The aquarium visit was nice! I love the lazy manatees and the dolphins! Some of our group went in with the sharks.
Tuesday--On the way to Xalapa, we climbed to the top of the Totonac cemetery in Quaihuiztlan! Wow, the view was spectular from the top. The totonac tombs are made of stucco, then came the Toltecs and built larger ones, then still came the Aztecs and built their own style. We could see the Gulf and the mountain where Hernan Cortes landed and settled. Then we went down 120 steps to another area where Cortes met with the Aztecs. There they had a temple for the Gods of War and the God of Death. Unfortunately we had to climb back up the steps after seeing the ball court. I thought I was in good shape, but I was huffin´and puffin´by the time I got back to the top. Luckily, thank God, I recovered, so that was definitely my exercise for the day. Some of the others were much more adventureous and climbed further up the tall mountain. They talked about how spectacular it was, but I was happy for them!

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