Saturday, July 31, 2010

On the way to Mexico City

We stopped at a little town called Tlapanal. It is a dry, hilly area that grows peanuts, corn and sugar cane. However, the families cannot grow enough so that families are left behind while the fathers go to the US to seek work and to send money back home. We actually get to talk to some of the women, children and grandparents who are affected by migration! The women left behind take charge and empower themselves by starting a recycling business. The grandmothers take care of the children. Families are willing to pay the coyotes to transport them to the border without papers to have a better life. This is such a complicated issue, but I was glad to hear first hand about the families. We shared a lunch with them. A children's book has been written by students and some adults to help preserve history and culture! A great idea!

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