Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zapotec Weavers, other updates

Friday, July 16th---Mescal is made from the roasted agave plant (tequila is made from blue agave). The plant is roasted, then ground, then distilled. It comes out from the vat pure 60% to 80%. It is diluted to 40%, then flavors are added. We tasted coffee, coco, coconut, pineapple, peanut, herbs, strawberry and others. Take a shot of mescal with a slice of orange and worm salt!

Teotitlan del Valle--The Zapotec women´s cooperative welcomed us so warmly with a wonderful lunch, then they explained to us about their group of about 14 women. They weave handmade rugs and tapestries, but most importantly, they have worked on several projects over the years to improve their community. 1. Making cook stoves for local women, raised on platforms, so that fewer burns result from fires on the floor of the house. 2. Placing trash containers around the community to encourage preservation of the environment 3. Care baskets with essential supplies for local elderly women 4. Currently, they are planting 600 trees and turning some donated land into a park. Wow--these are beautiful, dynamic women!
We participated in a group Mayan cleansing--incense burning, rosemary and water, flower petals on the floor. I prayed for peace and anything not in God's spirit to be bound!

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