Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mexico City

We arrived on Saturday, July 25th! Such a rainy day, but Benito is so skilled and so professional, he gets us safely to every location!
Sunday--Xochimilco, "the floating gardens". Vendors float along beside you to sell things, flowers, food, music, jewelry. It's neverending, but fun! Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's house and museum, brought her story to life. We had watched some of the movie on the bus, but the ending, we couldn't see!
Monday--Climbed the steps of the Basilica de Guadelupe! I have seen two Black saints in churches, Sto. Domingo in San Miguel, Oaxaca and now Sto. Benito del Palermo in Mexico City. I will have to find out about this! Uh oh, had to climb back down! Took a picture of the original Virgin de Guadelupe!
Teotihuacan is an amazing, metropolis of the Aztecs! I climbed the Citadel and several layers of steps to La Luna (the Moon temple). The Sol was just too high! Teotihuacan was the coming together of several cultures--aztecs, mayas, zapotec, etc., but always the Olmec influences.
La Gruta--restaurant in a cave! Wow!

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