Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chitzen Itza, Merida

How could I forget to describe the magnificence of Chitzen Itza. The Mayas were truly an amazing, gifted people. The calendar, the temples were all created according to their study of the celestial universe and their beliefs. It is not just a temple with steps marking the days of the year. It is whole city with many different areas and buildings. The observatory was built first and after studying, the temple to sacrifice to the Gods was built. The ballcourt was described to us--the loser or winner, depending how you look at it, was decapitated in the end to meet the ancestors, etc. The tour guide was a walking, talking historian with a passion for telling the stories. What a people!

Hacienda Teya--an real hacienda of old, now a restaurant hotel. We had the best food/ meal with the US Consul to Merida. I had Ixmatiques relleno de carne (yellow peppers stuffed with beef and pork, cheese, salsa). I tasted some deer. The appetizer was gouda cheese with meat, salsa, etc. eaten in tortillas. I will be walking this food off!
In the morning, the visit with local teachers was very animated and fun. We talked about many issues concerning education--overcrowded classrooms, parental involvement, resources, attitudes of students today. One teacher spent four years in Colombia, SC, it was great talking with him.
Ciao until I post again. Winding down after a lovely day at the beach and boatride in Celestun. The flamingos were not there, but I did see some white and pink spoonbills.

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